Prevent corona contaminations in the workplace.

Every work context is different. Choose the right social distancing and contact tracing solution for your employees.

One infection can have major consequences for your business. How do you avoid a whole team ending up in quarantine? Companies around the world are turning to wearables: small, wearable tools to protect their employees.

Social Distancing

Keeping a distance is necessary to prevent the spread of Covid-19 at work. When colleagues are too close to each other, the wearable immediately alerts them by vibration, light or sound.

Contact Tracing

In case of an infection, act in a targeted manner. Consult the dashboard for an overview of all recent risk contacts on the work floor. The privacy of employees is maximally safeguarded.

The right solution

Wearables come in all shapes and sizes, with different technologies and functionalities. Which solution suits your company best? With we help you to choose wisely.
“This initiative is an important step forward. It makes it possible to reduce costs, improve transparency and increase overall safety.”
Erwin Verstraelen

Chief Digital and Innovation Officer, Port of Antwerp

Romware by Rombit

  1. Mainly industrial activities such as logistics, manufacturing, ports, road works and construction industry
  2. Mainly laborers
  3. Social distancing, contact tracing and other safety risks (e.g. lone worker, collisions…)


  1. Mainly office environment
  2. Mainly office workers
  3. Focus on social distancing and contact tracing

Romware by Rombit

  • All-in-one solution
  • Covid: social distancing, contact tracing 
  • Extra: fall detection, man-down alarm, collision warning, SOS button, lone worker, evacuation support, positioning
  • Privacy: GDPR-compliant
  • Technology: UWB
  • Form factor: bracelet, clip-on


  • A cost-effective solution
  • Covid: social distancing, contact tracing 
  • Extra: mobile application
  • Privacy supported
  • Technology: BLE
  • Model: lanyard, clip-on

One integrated dashboard

Does your work environment require a combination of both solutions? Rombit and Maggy jointly strive for a corona-free workplace, which is why we’ve developed an integrated dashboard.

One integrated web portal

Real-time overview

Contact tracing reporting

Social distancing monitoring

Contact us for an offer.

Choose a combination of both solutions or ask for personal advice.



    For which group of employees are you looking for a solution?
    Both office workers and labourersOnly office workersOnly labourers


    What type of solution are you looking for?
    Only social distancing & contact tracingSocial distancing, contact tracing and other safety solutions (fall detection, SOS...)